Casting Wild Boar Incisor Teeth into resin is a Finney Knives Original Idea "2017"

Always on the lookout for new ideas in knife materials, we discovered someone selling a lot of these wild boars teeth and decided to try them out in a knife. Amazingly abstract and beautiful the bronze highlight in a bright blue color came out superb. Certainly a Finney Knives Favorite. Keep an eye out for new colors and designs with this material mixed in.

This Knife Design has the Original Finney Knives Circular & Mosaic Diamond Spacers also put into use in 2017

These Circular & Mosaic Diamond knife spacers add a new style of beauty to customized pocket knives. To keep my art fresh sometimes I will sit down at the drawing board as smoke comes out of my ears trying to think of new elements that I can use in my art.