Click Here to see a full-size photo. I thought it would be fun to make a knife with lots of different knife spacers and the history of them. I plan on doing more of these knives with different spacers. This will become a poster for my shop.

The Single Metal Spacer was developed by Santa Fe Stoneworks in 1978. The single metal spacer is described as a single strip of metal, usually brass, silver, copper, aluminum or another alloy. The single metal spacer was originally designed to cover the imperfections or gaps in the cut of the knife materials. Now it is used as a design element.

The Cigar Band Spacer was developed by Santafe Stoneworks using 2 thinly cut pieces of mother of pearl with a thinly cut piece of jet stone to achieve a cigar band type effect on a knife. Michael Prater in the early 1980's simplified and expanded the effect by using 2 strips of vulcanized fiber material or G10 with a single metal spacer in the middle.

The Reverse Cigar Band is a reverse of the original cigar band using 2 strips of metal with a single strip of G10 or fiber material on the inside. Put into use by Garett Finney

The Lacy Spacer Developed by David Yellowhorse in 1980 is essentially crinkled wavy metal inserted in between stones or 2 pieces of metal or material more gracefully named the lacy spacer. David originally cut up a specialty type wrench that was clamped into a vice to create a stamp. This is how the first Lacy spacers were formed. Later on, David invented an easier and more efficient way to form them.

The Curved Spacer in 2014 Garett Finney stumbled on a way to create a similar but different lacy type spacer using a completely different set of tools. The result was a wider and larger curve than the Lacy Spacer.

The Crinkled Spacer is a miniature version of the Lacy Spacer that resembles crinkles used by Garett Finney

The Lightning Spacer is Garett Finney's version of the Lacy Spacer. I usually call it the lacy spacer out of respect for David but it is made using a different set of tools under more pressure. It creates more of a lightning effect than a lacy look. The lightning spacer is not shown in this photo but will be assembled in the next spacer knife.

The Circle or Circular Spacer Pushed by others using similar designs a new concept to form new spacers came forward. One of these concepts was the circular spacer. Sandwiched in between 2 pieces of metal are pieces of metal tubing 

The Rectangular Spacer Developed by Garett Finney in 2017 in a push to find a new exciting element in knife design and customization.

The Mosaic Diamond Spacer A combination of circular and square tubes. One inside another to create a different look. Installed in a diamond shape.

I will be searching for new combinations of materials to create more unique spacers for knives. New Art is an exciting art. Creating is fun.