Steampunk has been really big in the pen industry for a long time. People also make cufflinks from watch parts. I have also seen watch parts used in jewelry. I decided to try adding them to knives and the results came back a big success. I received lots of positive feedback from the knife community and my first steampunk watch parts knife sold right away. This small success has encouraged me to try newer configurations in knives.

This Buck 110 which is My first Steampunk knife has a bunch of small vintage watch parts spread out throughout a completely clear casted handle.

This Knife has matching cog and gear bolsters in which I added black, for a more profound look and effect over standard engraved bolsters.

Pretty soon "God willing" I will finish my second watch parts buck 110 with some pretty heavy differences. This next steampunk buck 110 will have a black background instead of clear and I set a watch face in the middle of each side complete with hands. Alongside the watch faces on each side, I fill in with lots of watch parts. A really nice variety. I think the bolster design will be very similar if not the same as my first buck 110 watch parts knife. Here's a photo of the first steampunk knife I did.