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We create our own custom-crafted knife materials for our knife designs. Created from natural and synthetic materials.

20 Jun Crape Myrtle Blooms
Finney Knives 0 2497
Crape Myrtle Blooms in resin. A Finney Knives Original 2012 I spent a lot of time looking for new and unique natural materials that I could use in my ..
15 Jun Real Scorpions Exotic Material
Finney Knives 0 524
Real Scorpions in acrylic. A Finney Knives Original October 2012 In 2012 I decided to inlay scorpions encapsulated in acrylic into knives. Nothing lik..
30 Jan Opal Matrix Exotic Material
Finney Knives 0 17587
Opal Matrix Exotic Knife Material. A Finney Knives Original 2014The Opal Matrix Material is smaller pieces of opal either crushed up or cut up into sm..
30 Jan Wolf Lichen Exotic Material
Finney Knives 0 599
Wolf Lichen Exotic Material A Finney Knives Original 2013 Wolf Lichen is a moss that I came across while hiking in Oregon in 2013. Fluorescent Green t..
30 Jan Wild Boar Incisor Teeth Exotic Material
Finney Knives 0 8261
Casting Wild Boar Incisor Teeth into resin is a Finney Knives Original Idea "2017"Always on the lookout for new ideas in knife materials, we discovere..
15 Sep The Original Shark Tooth Buck 110
Finney Knives 0 5827
In 2013 I had the idea to incorporate genuine sharks teeth into the handle of a Buck 110. The knife in the photo was the very first attempt at casting..
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