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20 Jun Crape Myrtle Blooms
Finney Knives 0 2497
Crape Myrtle Blooms in resin. A Finney Knives Original 2012 I spent a lot of time looking for new and unique natural materials that I could use in my ..
15 Jun Real Scorpions Exotic Material
Finney Knives 0 524
Real Scorpions in acrylic. A Finney Knives Original October 2012 In 2012 I decided to inlay scorpions encapsulated in acrylic into knives. Nothing lik..
30 Jan Opal Matrix Exotic Material
Finney Knives 0 17590
Opal Matrix Exotic Knife Material. A Finney Knives Original 2014The Opal Matrix Material is smaller pieces of opal either crushed up or cut up into sm..
30 Jan Wolf Lichen Exotic Material
Finney Knives 0 599
Wolf Lichen Exotic Material A Finney Knives Original 2013 Wolf Lichen is a moss that I came across while hiking in Oregon in 2013. Fluorescent Green t..
30 Jan Wild Boar Incisor Teeth Exotic Material
Finney Knives 0 8261
Casting Wild Boar Incisor Teeth into resin is a Finney Knives Original Idea "2017"Always on the lookout for new ideas in knife materials, we discovere..
29 Jan The Original Buck 110 Steampunk Knife
Finney Knives 0 564
Steampunk has been really big in the pen industry for a long time. People also make cufflinks from watch parts. I have also seen watch parts used in j..
29 Jan Kwick Thumb Studs & Bars on our buck 110's
Finney Knives 0 8516
USA Knife Maker, "aka Knife Dogs" makes the "Kwick Thumb Stud" & "Kwick Thumb Bar". These products make a large folding knife like the Buck 110 a cool..
19 Jan The Spacer Knife
Finney Knives 0 555
Click Here to see a full-size photo. I thought it would be fun to make a knife with lots of different knife spacers and the history of them. I plan on..
29 Nov Finney Knives now an official Licensee of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Finney Knives 0 13839
Finney Knives is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. Announced November 29, 2016We are now an ..
15 Sep Buck 110 Jesus Christ is Lord 1
0 10148
Customizing the Buck 110 without giving honor to Jesus Christ would be nearly criminal in my mind. This particular Jesus Christ is Lord theme was crea..
15 Sep The Original Shark Tooth Buck 110
Finney Knives 0 5827
In 2013 I had the idea to incorporate genuine sharks teeth into the handle of a Buck 110. The knife in the photo was the very first attempt at casting..
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