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Finney Knives Version - Change Log

Site Version


  • Re-Designed the Custom Buck Knives Page. Added a Top Banner, Other Brands, In-Stock Buck Knives if there are any. And a design strip similar to the ones shown on the home page.


  • Re-Designed the Available Knives & Other items page. Now when anything is in-stock it will show up automatically on that page. Design elements still being added to the page. Soon re-design or added design will start on the main product pages such as case xx, buck, Remington, etc...
  • in-stock ribbon shows up now on all in-stock products just like the out of stock ribbon


  • All Departments Menu on homepage designed


  • Version Change Log Created
  • Finney Knives Work Ethics & History Log at the bottom of the about page. Will eventually have its own page.
  • Design Changes to the about us page
  • Design Changes to the Shop & Showroom Menu and Page.
  • Added "Special Deals Graphic" on homepage behind the special deals tab so that when there aren't any it won't look so empty now.

  • Added Many New Product Sorting Options on all pages. Instead of Just the 7 sorting options now there is 15 and the default shows the newest products first automatically when you enter a page.

First Addition

  • Version was merged with because all changes were made on the same day. 9/1/19