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hi garett, your knives quality none better, I love your knives, variety is one thing, but being one man, its nothing you can help, because its very difficult, I am waiting for that one you design thatll reach out, our economy isn't helping you and other makers, because times are dire, but as quality and your intellect is unchallenged as your designs go, I am a very adaptive collector, I buy those certain pieces for me thatll never go anywhere, and that's what I'm waiting for myself, but no one can say 1 bad thing about your knives, were all battling one common denominator, economy, so myself I from the heart thank you as you see this, and of all garett, your the more fair of your prices ive ever seen, and my true new friend, is something that I will promise you, puts you above all in many peoples thoughts, god bless you sir, I'm gonna lie back down, just got email wanted you everyone to know from my heart how I feel about your greatness of all your associates
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neil b thompson pikeville 12:19:22 01-15-2016 © 2018