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Case XX Peanut ss with yellow vail opal inlay Run of 5

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Brand: Case Knives - Case XX Knives - Case & Sons Knives
Case Knives - Case XX Knives - Case & Sons Knives
Categories: Case XX Knife Gallery  Finney Knives Case XX Collectors Club  Case xx Peanut 
Model: Case XX yellow vail opal mat1
Availability: Awaiting Production
Price: $329.95

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Case xx peanut ss with genuine yellow vail matrix & crushed opal matrix blended into a special galaxy mix .The larger pieces went into the black galaxy mix yellow in color yet came out a very striking blueish color hence the name yellow vail. Run of 5

This knife design is the 15th design officially approved by case xx not the 15th produced
The Prototype has been sold & the first 1 in the run is always reserved for the Finney Vailt.

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