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30 Caliber Bullet Pen Bolt Action with Dyed Stabilized Corn Cobs by Garett Finney

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Brand: Finney Knives
Finney Knives
Categories: Pen Gallery 
Model: Bullet maud corn cob pen
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $94.95

30 Caliber Bullet Pen Bolt Action with Dyed Stabilized Corn Cobs in maud by Garett Finney with 5 coat Ca finish.  We grew some miniature corn, removed the kernels and then dried them out. Then I process them under vacuum with special dyed chemicals to stabilize them. Less than 20 of these will be made in this configuration.

30 Caliber Bolt Action pen Replica contains precision engineered components and has been carefully designed to be unique and reliable. The realistic bolt action mechanism advances smoothly, and retracts to securely lock in place. This pen Includes a bolt-action rifle clip with rose gold bullet tip for added authenticity. Takes a Parker Style refill that can be purchased at any office supply store such as office depot or staples.

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