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Custom Buck 110 Steampunk watch parts with Rusty Orange Background

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Brand: Buck Knives
Buck Knives
Categories: Buck Steampunk Knives 
Model: Custom Buck 110 Steampunk Rust
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $239.95

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Custom Buck 110 Steampunk watch parts with Rusty Orange Background Prototype. This knife looks great but it didn't pass my quality test due to a few things with the handle. It has a few bubbles, and I had one blowout in the corner where a piece of the metal ripped out. I notice it but you may not. Also in another corner by the very edge there is some fray in the background and a few rough edges on the knife. I also coated one of the watch faces with CA thinking it would make it more clear and the pressure shattered the CA. My quality control just keeps going up and getting more strict as I progress in my work. I have lowered the price on this knife significantly becuase of the errors. The problems really don't diminish the look of the knife too much. Take a look at the video and make sure HD is turned on.

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