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Custom Case XX Knives by Finney Knives

Posted by in Finney Knives News on Dec 11, 2016 .

New for 2016 is the Finney Knives Shop & Show Room. Will be open for both scheduled public and private events

Finney Knives is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, and are now an official Licensee. This license agreement grants us the legal right to customize and distribute case xx knives customized by Finney Knives through the official network of Authorized W.R. Case Dealers and Distributors. Case XX Knives by Finney Knives will also be sold through the official Finney Knives website and may be sold through other avenues as we see fit in accordance with our legal agreement with W.R. Case & Sons®.
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