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Exceptional Knives
«If you receive a Garett Finney knife,or you give one as a gift you are getting a one of kind masterpiece . excellent customer service. Garett is a wonderful guy to deal with and I look forward to my next Finney Knife.»

Wesley ... Albemarle

Shark Tooth Beaut...
«Actually I have purchased 2 Finney custom knives. The workmanship on them is incredible! His attention to detail is so impressive. His knives are worth every penny and more!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!»

Martha ... Boiling...

Finney knives
«Creative, flawless work. Artistic combination of materials»

Jack Trinity...

«Thanks for the beautiful Russlock. Its the only one of its kind. Keep up the good work and may God Bless you and your family!!!!»

Rick Helms Knoxville

«Unique and creative designs, top quality materials, superb craftsmanship, attention to details, and reasonable prices make Finney Knives the best customized knives available today! I own 6, and their design, quality, and beauty continue to impress over time!»

Bob She... Fullert...

«Finney did a fantastic red Buck 110 custom MargaritaVille , 5 o clock some where Steampunk knife for me. Hope he took pctures. I don't know how . Also got several black, 1 green Steampunk 110s. All beauties.»

James ... Egg Har...

«hi garett, your knives quality none better, I love your knives, variety is one thing, but being one man, its nothing you can help, because its very difficult, I am waiting for that one you design thatll reach out, our economy isn't helping you and other makers, because times are dire, but as quality and your intellect is unchallenged as your designs go, I am a very adaptive collector, I buy those certain pieces for me thatll never go anywhere, and that's what I'm waiting for myself, but no one can say 1 bad thing about your knives, were all battling one common denominator, economy, so myself I from the heart thank you as you see this, and of all garett, your the more fair of your prices ive ever seen, and my true new friend, is something that I will promise you, puts you above all in many peoples thoughts, god bless you sir, I'm gonna lie back down, just got email wanted you everyone to know from my heart how I feel about your greatness of all your associates»

neil b ... pikeville

«Finney knives are among the finest quality and craftsmanship in the world. The attention to detail and materials used to customize each piece to a museum quality showpiece.»

Ken Lustig ...

Finney Knives
«So far, I have purchased 3 knives form Garett. I have been very happy with all of them. The workmanship is superb and the prices very reasonable. I see more in my future and highly recommend his work. It's some of the best I've seen.»

Jim Han... Crestvi...

Finney Knives
«Garett is a true gift to the knife collecting community. He has great communication with me before he starts a new project. The fit and finish on his knives is superb. His file work is amazing. I look forward to the next knife he customizes for me.»

Mike Louisville

Buck 110 steampun...
«I bought one of Finney's knives. It is a Buck 110 steampunk version. the knife is stunning with gold bolsters and various sized bronze watch parts suspended in resin for the handle. The moment I saw it I knew it had to go in my collection and I have never been sorry. I have showed pics of it to many people and they all are in awe of Garett Finney's work on this knife. Finney knives are top notch quality with designs straight from the heart of a true artist. I know there will be more in my future.»

Bob H. Illinois

Great Designs, Qu...
«A couple of years ago I stumbled upon Finney Knives when I wanted to buy a special gift for my son. Not only was I exceedingly impressed by Mr. Finney's design, but also by his personable customer service. I spoke with Mr. Finney several times and was very impressed with his knowledge and passion about turning simple pocket knives into heirloom works of art. The knife he crafted was, and is, simply amazing. I could not be more impressed.»

Craig S... Germant...

Case mini trapper
«Can you get another one abalone and purple coral»

tom gre... Newmilford

«Having now purchased a couple of beautiful money clips and a couple of really beautiful knives from Finney Knives, I can say that I'll be back when the need or desire for a new knife arises. The knives were really well finished and the order was delivered even sooner than I had initially been told. Enjoyed working with you and will certainly look forward to working with you again. Thanks for a great product!!»

David L... Seattle

«I bought a beautiful knife from Garett Finney last year at the antique gun & knife show in Las Vegas. Gare tt takes high quality factory knives and makes them into beautiful master pieces. They are really one of a kind knives. I would definitely recommend you to buy one or more from Finney Knives, you won't be sorry. sinc erely Chick Hughes www.LasVegas AtItsBEST.com»

Chick H... Las Vegas

Finney Knives Review
«I have purchased several knives and the quality, workmanship and attention to detail are excellent. These beautiful knives are works of art and have enhanced my collection.»

stewart boynton...

Garret Finney knives
«I have purchased 2 of Garret's knives, they are both from the affordable knife group. The first one was so impressive I had to purchase another. Both knives are of incredible beauty and quality using unique materials from a very fine custom craftsman. Both arrived with a padded carry case for protection. Amazing use of materials to create a truly impressive one of a kind masterpiece. I will purchase again in the future.»

Bob Crimora

Case mini trapper
«Can you get another one abalone and purple coral»

tom gre... Newmilford

Funny Knives
«Every Finney knife is a work of art. I have one I received from my brother and SIL for my birthday. Magnificent!»

Kittynu... Crestview

Finney Knives
«I have ordered many knives from Finney Knives over the last few years. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none. Garett is also a trustworthy individual to deal with. Highly recommend Finney Knives.»

Peter W... Bolingb...

«I have purchased 12 customized Case peanuts from Garett. The design, material, and craftsmanship of each knife is outstanding. I would recommend Finney Knives to anyone looking for a custom knife.»

Dan Erwin Mitchell

«I have not bought any of Garetts knives but as a customizer myself I feel that Garett is bringing new style and new energy to the customizing business and you know one of his knives when you see it and he stands for quality and on the edge design so I have had him do some bolster work and backspring work and have nothing but glowing things to say about his work ethic...»

Jimmy Sabo Atlanta...

Master Knife Maker
«Hi, my name is Danny, and I have been following Garett for a number of Years. When I won a auction for my GF knife I was so Happy. When it came in the Mail, I opened the nicely packaged box and found a Perfect work of Art. If you are looking for a Very High Quality Product, then Finney Knives are the Ones. I own over 20 Case XX Doctors Knives and I want many more! Garett is very good about Communicating with me about other Personal Doctors knifes that I have, that I am Negotiating to have turned into a Finney Finest. Garett even sent a letter stating that the Knife was made Exclusively for me, nice little touch.»

Danny J... Nipomo

Skinning Knife
«I gave Finney skinners to a couple of hunters in the family. They really appreciated the craftsmanship and the quality of the blade. Thanks Garrett!»

Phil Katy, TX


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