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Finney Knives Review
«I have purchased several knives and the quality, workmanship and attention to detail are excelle ...»

stewart boynton...

«hi garett, your knives quality none better, I love your knives, variety is one thing, but being ...»

neil b ... pikeville

Finney knives
«Creative, flawless work. Artistic combination of materials»

Jack Trinity...

Master Knife Maker
«Hi, my name is Danny, and I have been following Garett for a number of Years. When I won a aucti ...»

Danny J... Nipomo

Skinning Knife
«I gave Finney skinners to a couple of hunters in the family. They really appreciated the craftsm ...»

Phil Katy, TX

«Thanks for the beautiful Russlock. Its the only one of its kind. Keep up the good work and may G ...»

Rick Helms Knoxville

Case mini trapper
«Can you get another one abalone and purple coral»

tom gre... Newmilford

Finney Knives
«So far, I have purchased 3 knives form Garett. I have been very happy with all of them. The work ...»

Jim Han... Crestvi...

Exceptional Knives
«If you receive a Garett Finney knife,or you give one as a gift you are getting a one of kind mas ...»

Wesley ... Albemarle

«Having now purchased a couple of beautiful money clips and a couple of really beautiful knives f ...»

David L... Seattle

Garret Finney knives
«I have purchased 2 of Garret's knives, they are both from the affordable knife group. The first ...»

Bob Crimora

Finney Knives
«Garett is a true gift to the knife collecting community. He has great communication with me bef ...»

Mike Louisville

«Finney knives are among the finest quality and craftsmanship in the world. The attention to deta ...»

Ken Lustig ...

Buck 110 steampun...
«I bought one of Finney's knives. It is a Buck 110 steampunk version. the knife is stunning with ...»

Bob H. Illinois

Finney Knives
«I have ordered many knives from Finney Knives over the last few years. The quality and craftsman ...»

Peter W... Bolingb...

Great Designs, Qu...
«A couple of years ago I stumbled upon Finney Knives when I wanted to buy a special gift for my s ...»

Craig S... Germant...

Funny Knives
«Every Finney knife is a work of art. I have one I received from my brother and SIL for my birthd ...»

Kittynu... Crestview

«I bought a beautiful knife from Garett Finney last year at the antique gun & knife show in Las V ...»

Chick H... Las Vegas

«Unique and creative designs, top quality materials, superb craftsmanship, attention to details, ...»

Bob She... Fullert...

Shark Tooth Beaut...
«Actually I have purchased 2 Finney custom knives. The workmanship on them is incredible! His att ...»

Martha ... Boiling...

Case mini trapper
«Can you get another one abalone and purple coral»

tom gre... Newmilford

«Finney did a fantastic red Buck 110 custom MargaritaVille , 5 o clock some where Steampunk kni ...»

James ... Egg Har...

«I have not bought any of Garetts knives but as a customizer myself I feel that Garett is bringin ...»

Jimmy Sabo Atlanta...

«I have purchased 12 customized Case peanuts from Garett. The design, material, and craftsmanship ...»

Dan Erwin Mitchell


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