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My name is Garett Finney and I transform standard pocket knives into artistic custom pocket knives. I currently focus on customizing case xx and Buck knives. Some of the exotic materials I use are mammoth tooth, fossil coral, mammoth ivory, mohave turquoise, sea urchin spines, sharks teeth, recon stone, watch parts, mother of pearl, abalone, fossil leaves, fossil fish, and much more. Take a look at my site and join my knife newsletter. for a first chance to see and buy my knives.

Recent Articles
  • Protective Coating Finish for Knives Protective Coating Finish for Knives Sep 08, 2014

    I wrote an article about a new protective coating that I am using on my knives that prevents or seriousely slows down any kind of tarnish or wear on knives. I use it on the entire knife and not just the brass parts. After I got one of my knives back from blade show all tarnished with a patina, I decided to search out a chemical that would...

Custom Pocket Knives

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«Hi, my name is Danny, and I have been following Garett for a number of Years. When I won a auction for my GF knife I was so Happy. When it came in ...»

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